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Pets Oil Painting

(62 customer reviews)

Pet Oil Painting

PET ONLY! Real hand-painted PET oil painting from photo ( Dogs, cats, horses, chickens, rabbits… any pets you have), A Perfect Gift , Home decor.

Rolled in Tube - Unframed
Metal Frame - Bright Gold
Metal Frame - Black
Sandal Wood
Cedar Wood
Please note that the color may vary from the actual items.
Creativity by Artist
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We recommend a file size of at least 1000K,but if the photo resolution is insufficient or if people/animals are not fully visible in the photo, we will perform high-definition restoration.
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About Pet Oil Painting (For Pet Only)

Our pet oil paintings are 100% hand-painted by professional artists with at least 20 years of experience who truly love art.  A pet oil painting is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a new furry family member or to commemorate the life of a beloved pet who has passed away. Let us know your customization ideas, such as changing the background, rearranging the figure images, altering postures, and so on…and our artists will make appropriate and professional adjustments to the composition. We will make sure that each piece of painting is UNIQUE especially for you.

We use premium quality linen canvas and oil paints to create an artwork, and we offer different frame options to perfectly complement your home decor. By simply sending us the photo, and you will get a masterpiece that preserves memories for decades!

Each artwork is made-to-order. We do our best to make sure that each custom oil painting is special just for you or your beloved! Your order will be completed within 4-8 wks after photo confirmation, with delivery to your home taking 5-9 working days thereafter.

Thank you for choosing us to create a beautiful masterpiece; your pets truly deserve it!

Note: During the painting process, we may take videos or photos for promotional purposes on social media. Please let us know if you do not wish us to do so. Additionally, if you want us to capture videos or photos during the creating process, please inform us.

62 reviews for Pet Oil Painting
  1. Rebecca

    such an amazing and lovely portrait, just looks like a photo, I’m completely amazed by its beauty and i will definately recommend this artist to my friends.

  2. Kristy

    So beautiful and such an amazing artwork i received. Thank you for creating a loving gift for my father, his dog is so important to him!. ❤️

  3. kris

    I am in awe of the talent and skill that went into creating this painting. it feels like they’re right here with me. The detail and craftsmanship are truly exceptional. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

  4. Orrion

    I am absolutely blown away by the quality and the details of the painting. The artist managed to capture the playful spirit of my cat perfectly. Just love it!

  5. `Carmel

    oil painting of a husky
    The painting of my husky is simply amazing. The artist captured every little detail, his fur, the sparkle in his eyes… It’s like he is right there on the canvas. Truly stunning work!

  6. Lyra

    The portrait of my dog is absolutely perfect. I’m glad i ordered this oil painting and it will be kept for years to come in such a beautiful way. Thank you for this wonderful keepsake!

  7. Thalia

    This painting is a true masterpiece! The artist did an amazing job capturing the essence of my beloved Roxie. The expression and the little details are so lifelike. I couldn’t be happier with this beautiful tribute to my furry friend.

  8. David Brown

    This is my second time ordering an oil painting from them, and once again, I’m blown away by the artist’s skill. They’ve captured every intricate detail of my dog perfectly. Incredible work!

  9. Lisa Harrington

    It’s the best gift of Mother’s Day i received, the oil painting of my golden retriever is just amazing! I’m so impressed! Thank you!

  10. Vanessa

    They depicted my Samoyed so accurately in the painting, it’s practically identical,I can tell they put a lot of effort and dedication into the painting. When we received the oil painting, we were simply astonished. My family and I have all fallen in love with it. It’s absolutely worth every penny.

  11. Phoenix Morales

    The portrait is truly a work of art! We all love it! This unique piece will undoubtedly become a cherished heirloom in our family.

  12. Isabella Adams

    My mom was thrilled to receive the oil painting of her dog as a surprise anniversary gift. It brought back so many fond memories of their adventures together, and she’s already planning to order more paintings for her other fur babies. This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving.

  13. Skylar Rivera

    Their assistance throughout the creation of the pet portrait was invaluable. They provided a proof before shipping and the end result is not just a painting but a cherished memory beautifully captured. Great shopping experience.

  14. Liam Phillips

    When my bestie received the oil painting of her cat Cleo, she was speechless. It perfectly captured the essence of Cleo, and she couldn’t stop admiring it. I’ll be keeping this company in mind for future gift-giving occasions.

  15. Lion Campbell

    Opening the package and seeing the oil painting of my horse Light was like reliving our adventures together. It’s a stunning tribute to our bond and the joy Light brought into my life. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

  16. Vikram

    The oil painting of my corgi arrived carefully packaged and ready to hang. The quality of the materials is evident, and the craftsmanship is top-notch. I’m proud to hang it up in my living room.

  17. Trinity Khan

    The oil painting of my furry friend exceeded all my expectations. It’s like having a piece of art that truly represents her personality. can’t wait to hang it up!

  18. Nathan Patel

    The intricate details and vibrant colors make it feel as though my fur baby is right there in front of me. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  19. Madison Rodriguez

    Ignoring the finesse of the oil painting, the wooden frame adds a touch of sophistication. I proudly hung it in the most prominent spot in the living room. Couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

  20. Zoey Carter

    My brother was touched beyond words when he received the oil painting of his late dog as a sympathy gift. It’s a beautiful way to honor his memory and keep him close to our hearts. I’ll be forever grateful to this company for helping us preserve his legacy.

  21. Maria Gonzalez

    Wow, this is one-of-a-kind! I never imagined getting an oil painting done for my Nala, but after seeing their videos, I couldn’t resist. I am totally blown away by the hand-painted portrait, and I can’t wait to hang it up right away! 100% satisfied!

  22. Selena Thompson

    Tears of joy when we received it. Thank you for creating such a touching memento of our Maisie. The oil painting captures the spirit so beautifully. They are wonderful to work with, making sure we were happy with the final result. It’s evident that they put their heart and soul into the creation. We are truly grateful for this priceless keepsake that will forever remind us of our beloved fur baby.

  23. Elaine S

    The artist captured the essence of the special moment perfectly. The colors and brushwork are incredible. I’m happy about that!

  24. Haruki Nakamura

    Incredible artwork, Impressed by the vivid imagery and details. The artist did an excellent job! thanks!

  25. Nicky W

    The entire family has completely fallen for this oil painting. Now, we have a special place to cherish our Juno, who passed away months ago. We’ll love you forever.

  26. Mia Kim

    I was hesitant about ordering a custom oil painting online, but I’m so glad I did. The process was smooth, and the end result is simply stunning. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a unique and meaningful gift.”

  27. Serenity

    My cat, Whimsy, has brought me so much warmth and companionship. She always loves to be by my side, quietly accompanying me whether I’m working, traveling, sleeping, or just about any time. I’m thankful for her, and she deserves this masterpiece.

  28. Eva Sue

    I had a great interaction with Hazel, Easy to work with, clear communication. When I asked for some touch ups Hazel was happy to make that happen. The oil painting look great with extraordinary quality. I bought 1 for my puppy and 1 for my bestie who just lost her fur baby. These will be loved for decadess to come. Highly recommend!

  29. Magnolia Frost

    My fur baby’s portrait looks incredibly real! The artist captured every tiny detail perfectly, from the texture of the fur to the expression. I asked for some adjustments, and they did it with such professionalism. I absolutely adore it!

  30. Olivia Martinez

    I lost my dog recently, and having an oil painting of him brings me so much comfort. The artist did an incredible job capturing his personality and essence. It’s like he’s still here with me.

  31. Sophia Rodriguez

    The oil painting of my daughter’s best friend Whisper is absolutely breathtaking. She was thrilled when she received the painting and told me that it’s her best birthday gift ever. The artist captured all the majesty and grace with such precision. It’s a masterpiece that I will proudly display for all to see.

  32. Benjamin Nguyen

    The level of customization offered by the artist was impressive. They listened to my preferences and incorporated them seamlessly into the painting. The final product exceeded my expectations in every way.

  33. Serenity Brooks

    It’s a real mastpiece!

  34. Hazel

    The moment I laid eyes on the oil painting of my beloved Light, I knew it would be a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

  35. Olivia Campbell

    It’s a Father’s Day gift, My dad was moved to tears when he opened the package containing the oil painting of his late dog. It’s a beautiful tribute to his loyal companion, and he plans to hang it in his office where he can see it every day. I’ll definitely be recommending this company to friends and family.

  36. Ethan Brooks

    When I received the oil painting of my cat, I couldn’t help but smile – it captured her mischievous personality perfectly. It’s a treasure I’ll cherish forever.

  37. Harper Evans

    The oil painting of my furry friend arrived today, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the result. It’s a true work of art that perfectly captures his loyal and loving nature. Thank you for creating such a beautiful keepsake.”

  38. Samantha

    I ordered a portrait of a cat as a gift for my sister, and she was absolutely thrilled with it. The attention to detail and the quality of the materials used are exceptional. Thank you for helping me give such a meaningful present!

  39. Octavia Reed

    You can truly see how every penny you spend is worth it. Definately will purchase again.

  40. Jacob Parker

    The craftsmanship of the oil painting exceeded my expectations. You can truly see the dedication and skill that went into creating it. It’s a beautiful tribute to my beloved furry friend.

  41. Marigold Quinn

    A shop worth supporting! their clear communication made the entire process smooth and enjoyable, the painting is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way! We are thrilled with our painting and will definitely be ordering from here again for future special moments! Highly recommended for anyone looking to treasure their furry family member forever!

  42. Azalea Foster

    The oil painting of my niece’s bunny was a huge hit. It brought a tear to her eye and made her day. She already hung up in her bedroom. that’s great!

  43. Azalea Foster

    The oil painting of my neighbor’s cat was a big hit. Highly recommend for pet lovers!

  44. Nancy Chen

    My aunt’s reaction to the oil painting of her beloved kitty was priceless. It captured the personality perfectly. I’m happy about it. Highly recommend to you all!

  45. Calista Vega

    It’s Christmas gift for my Mom, Her reaction to the oil painting of her dog? Pure joy!

  46. Madison Martinez

    My mom was brought to tears when she received the oil painting of our family member as a Thanksgiving present. It’s a touching reminder of the love our little cute one brought into our lives. Thank you!

  47. Lavender Pierce

    I highly recommend them to anyone in need. It’s worthy,

  48. Astrid Cole

    This is a real artwork, I’ve always been a fan of handicrafts because you can really sense the love and care that goes into each piece.

  49. Celeste Rivers

    I was blown away by the lifelike portrayal of my furry baby in the oil painting. It captured every detail perfectly, from the twinkle in his eyes to the texture of his fur. Great job!

  50. Thalia

    Really wonderful customer services!

  51. Ethan Campbell

    The oil painting of my dog arrived today, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It captures his playful spirit and gentle nature perfectly. It’s a treasure that will be cherished for years to come.

  52. Ashley Hayes

    It’s a present of Father’s Day. When my dad saw the oil painting of his horse, oh my gosh, his face just lit up! I haven’t seen him that happy in forever, especially since his horse passed away. It totally made my day, like, seriously!

  53. Zephyr Lee

    Great customer services and quality, Hazel is so patient and thoughtful to all my needs. I will definitely consider purchasing a portrait from them again for my family. thank you Hazel!

  54. Everest Singh

    I didn’t expect the oil painting I received to be so detailed. The entire purchasing experience was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend it to everyone.

  55. Orion Chen

    I never thought about ordering custom oil paintings online, but I decided to give it a try for my departed furry friend. However, the communication with them was incredibly smooth, and when I received the oil painting, I knew my worries were unfounded. It was exactly what I wanted. Thanks to them!

  56. Zephyra

    Upon receiving the oil painting, I could see all the exquisite details, and I knew every penny I spent was worth it.

  57. Seraphina Brooks

    I had smooth communication with the seller and made some adjustments to the background of the artwork. My grandmother was overjoyed when she unwrapped the oil painting of her late cat. It’s now a cherished memento in her home.

  58. Benjamin Lee

    I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail in the oil painting of my cat. It’s as if she’s right here with me, purring contentedly. Thank you for preserving her memory so beautifully.

  59. Indigo Bennett

    Seeing my best friend’s face light up when she received the oil painting of her puppy was priceless. It made the perfect birthday gift.

  60. Lily Morgan

    The oil painting of my mom’s dog was a hit! Thanks for the perfect gift.”

  61. Helena Wright

    Giving my Mom the oil painting of her cherished golden retriever was the highlight of her birthday celebration. She couldn’t believe how lifelike it was and immediately found the perfect spot to display it in her home. I’ll be spreading the word about this amazing gift idea.

  62. Alice Jennings

    I was initially worried about ordering online, but the painting turned out to be a real masterpiece when it arrived. They provided a complete set of framing tools, even including a level and a pair of gloves, which was really considerate and thoughtful. Thanks for the excellent service!

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