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(78 customer reviews)

Framed Pet Print

Custom Framed Pets Portrait Canvas Print, Cat, Dog, Pets. Deluxe Matte Cotton Cannvas, Ready to Hang. Home Decor, Birthday Gift.

Print Effect:  Multiple Styles and Direct Photo Print.

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We'll print your original photo by default, but we also offer various styles to choose from.
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We recommend a file size of at least 1000K,but if the photo resolution is insufficient or if people/animals are not fully visible in the photo, we will perform high-definition restoration.
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About Framed Pet Canvas Print

Our exquisite Pet Canvas Print is a heartwarming celebration of your new furry family member’s arrival or a cherished tribute to the life of a beloved pet who has left paw-prints on your heart. Custom a pet portrait by simply sending us the photo, and we’ll take care of the rest. It will preserve memories and love for years!

The portraits are printed on premium matte cotton blended canvases. The canvas is stretched and wrapped around a solid wood frame and stapled to the back, and we offer different color options too. Framed canvas print is ready to be hung up on the wall.

Each print is made-to-order. We do our best to make sure that each custom printed canvas is special just for you or your beloved! Your order will be completed within 2-4 working days after photo confirmation, with delivery to your home taking 5-9 working days thereafter. Order yours today and let your/their spirit live on forever in this touching tribute!

For more sizes or custom ideas, tell us by sending e-mail to: support@porchoo.com , we’ll try to meet your expectations!

Note: We may take videos or photos of your print for promotional purposes on social media. Please let us know if you do not wish us to do so.

78 reviews for Framed Pet Print
  1. Sheila

    I had each of our pets photo printed in pop styles and they just turned out perfectly, i really love the colors. Nice job they did!

  2. Mailey

    a styling canvas print of my dog
    The movie star-style canvas print of my furry friend is beautiful. The attention to detail is great. Thank you for such a unique piece of art!

  3. Noah

    I ordered a styling canvas print of my dog, and it turned out amazing. The vibrant colors really make it pop. Highly recommended!

  4. Lilian

    The canvas print of my dog in a Van Gogh style is fantastic. It’s a perfect blend of classic art and my beloved pet. Thank you so much!

  5. Emma

    I love the beautiful colors of the canvas print of my cat. The quality is great, and it adds a cheerful touch to my home. Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece!

  6. Emily Johnson

    I recently ordered a large size of canvas print of my beloved Labrador, Max, in mosaic style, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. It adds such a unique touch to my living room decor.

  7. Jago

    I had a wonderful shopping experience with them.
    They kept me informed throughout the entire process, providing regular updates.
    Their attentive approach and willingness to address my inquiries made me feel like a valued customer.

  8. Emily M

    Despite the original photo of my cat, being blurry, they adjusted and optimized it, resulting in an incredibly high-definition print.

  9. Christine

    Never forget the day they first came home.

  10. Calliope Blake

    I really miss my fur baby. It’s been a whole year since she left us. I made three canvas prints to hang in our hallway, and every time I walk by, I feel like it’s right there with us.

  11. Amy

    I sent them a photo, and the framed canvas prints I received were fantastic. The colors are vibrant, and installation is very easy. I hung one in my kid’s room and another in the hallway.

  12. Caroline

    Great quality canvas prints! We were a bit skeptical at first, but this shop exceeded our expectations, the portraits of our dogs are amazing, and the colors are vibrant. The seller was friendly and helpful throughout the process, i will definately recommend them to my dogs parent friends.

  13. Kevin Campbell

    My cat, Whiskers, was like a family member to me, and losing her was heartbreaking. Having a canvas print of her in watercolor style allows me to cherish the wonderful memories we shared every day.

  14. Daniel Nguyen

    The whole process is seamless.

  15. Marcus C

    The quality of the prints is top-notch. I have a canvas print of my cat, Luna, done in fauvism style, and the colors are so vibrant.

  16. Timothy Hill

    Saying goodbye to my beloved fur baby was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I had several canvas print of him in movie star style, they remind me of the joy and happiness he brought into my life, even though he’s no longer with me.

  17. Samantha Rodriguez

    One of the things I appreciate the most is the attention to detail in the customization. I got 2 of them for my horse Thunder, in watercolor style and movie star style, and it captures his majestic presence perfectly.

  18. Amanda Lee

    The wooden frames they offer are also of excellent quality. I opted for a black frame for my German Shepherd, Bella, and it complements the print beautifully.

  19. Joshua Brown

    Placing the canvas prints around my house has truly elevated the ambiance. My guests always comment on how unique and eye-catching they are.

  20. Jason Garcia

    The pricing is reasonable considering the quality and customization options available. It’s definitely worth the investment for such unique and personalized decor.

  21. Jennifer Hernandez

    The prints also make for great conversation starters. I’ve had numerous guests ask me about them and where I got them done. I would definately recommend it!

  22. Ethan Rodriguez

    I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of the canvas print of my birds, Kiwi and Fly, in movie star style. It’s definitely worth the price, and I’m considering getting more prints for my other pets.

  23. Melissa Martinez

    Very beautiful artworks.

  24. Maya Patel

    Thanks to the wide range of styles offered by PORCHOO, I was able to find the perfect tribute for my departed fur baby Sparky. Their versatility makes them my top recommendation for personalized pet memorabilia.

  25. Dylan Harris

    The whimsical canvas print in movie star style perfectly captures the playful essence of my turtle Shelly. Its charm and character make me eager to explore more prints for my beloved pets.

  26. Isabella Martinez

    Effortlessly navigating through their website, I experienced a stress-free ordering process. Their user-friendly interface and seamless transactions make them my go-to for personalized artwork.

  27. Oliver Brown

    The lifelike portrayal of my late pet, Simba, in royal style on the canvas print far exceeded my expectations. Its attention to detail and emotional depth make it a cherished keepsake that I proudly display in my home.

  28. Ryan Patel

    I’m loving the mosaic style they did for Rocky, adds a cool vibe to my place.

  29. Melissa Martinez

    The customer service is exceptional. They were very helpful in guiding me through the customization process and ensuring I got exactly what I wanted.

  30. Jackson Miller

    Knowing that the canvas print of my snake Serpent, in Mosaic style is durable gives me peace of mind that his memory will be preserved for years to come. I’m highly satisfied with the quality of the product.

  31. Sophia Clark

    Receiving the mosaic style canvas print of my departed rabbit Cottontail, filled me with a flood of fond memories and nostalgia. It’s a precious memento that brings comfort and warmth to my heart.

  32. Smith

    Perfect tribute! Recommend!

  33. Kimberly King

    I was amazed at how they managed to enhance the colors and details in my parrot ‘s photo, turning it from dull to vibrant and lifelike. Their expertise truly shines in their adjustments.

  34. David Thompson

    The Van Gogh effect they did for Bella is so dreamy, I’m obsessed!

  35. Leopold

    The canvas prints of our fur babies is now the focal point in our living room. The colors pop against the wall, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Highly recommended!

  36. Sarah Baker

    Losing my furry friend was incredibly difficult, but getting a canvas print of him in movie star style has provided some comfort. It’s a beautiful way to honor his memory and keep him close to my heart.

  37. David Thompson

    The range of styles they offer is impressive. there’s something to suit each one of my dog’s personality.

  38. Samantha

    Impressive customization. It’s my first time doing the styling prints for my dogs.

  39. Lauren Thomas

    The durability of the prints is also worth mentioning. I’ve had mine for several months now, and they still look as good as new.

  40. Matthew Lewis

    I love how the prints capture the essence and personality of my pets in such a creative and artistic way.

  41. Ryan Mitchell

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my experience with them. They’ve truly exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, customization, and customer service. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer for years to come.

  42. Nicholas Scott

    I particularly enjoy the movie star style prints. Seeing my dog, Cooper, transformed into a Hollywood icon never fails to bring a smile to my face.

  43. Olivia Smith

    Witnessing the emotional reaction of my friends upon receiving the canvas print of their late puppy was heartwarming. I highly recommend them for their ability to capture the essence of beloved pets.

  44. Timothy Hill

    Despite the limitations of the original image, they transformed it into a masterpiece, bringing out the personality of my rabbit in vivid detail.

  45. Samantha White

    Rex’s canvas arrived quick, and it looks even better than I imagined.

  46. Emily Baker

    Wow, my canvas prints turned out awesome! Totally worth it!

  47. Rebecca Wright

    The website is user-friendly, making it easy to browse through the different styles and place an order without any hassle.

  48. Christopher Taylor

    I appreciate that they offer a range of sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for any space in your home.

  49. Stephanie Kim

    The versatility of the styles allows you to match the prints with any type of interior decor seamlessly.

  50. Ashley Patel

    My friends were so impressed with my canvas prints that they’re planning to order some for their own pets too.

  51. Rachel Wilson

    The turnaround time was also quite impressive. I received my prints well within the promised timeframe, which is always a plus.

  52. Joshua Brown

    Excellent value!

  53. Kurt

    The canvas print arrived in perfect condition, and the quality is outstanding. It’s a precious memory of my furry friend, and I will treasure it forever.

  54. Taylor

    Receiving the canvas print was an emotional moment for me. It goes beyond being just a picture; it’s a touching homage to my cherished fur baby, forever etched in our hearts. Thank you for creating such a meaningful gift for us!

  55. Rusty

    The canvas print is affordable, and the portrait looks so lifelike. I’m so glad I chose this shop for my pet’s portrait.

  56. Reena

    I’m thrilled with the canvas print of my fur babies. The framing is sturdy, and the photo-to-art transformation is impressive. A unique and cherished piece!

  57. Hanna

    Ordered 6 canvas prints; all exceeded expectations. Very pleased with the purchasing!

  58. Rianna

    Canvas print is stunning! Love the vibrant colors and quality framing.

  59. Jennifer Sue

    Amazing details, really appreciated that!

  60. Maddison

    My Ollie looks great on the canvas print. Great service and quality!

  61. Ashley Clark

    Seriously, the royal style for Duke’s portrait is fit for a king. Love it!

  62. Jessica Taylor

    I was skeptical at first, but the movie star style for Daisy is actually really fun.

  63. Lauren Wilson

    The cotton texture and wooden frame add a nice touch to the whole presentation, thanks!

  64. Christopher Taylor

    Delighted with result, thank you Hazel, for your patience during the whole process. I will definately recommend to my friends.

  65. Michael Williams

    Fantastic selection…I did canvas print for my bulldog. It looks fantastic hanging in the living room.

  66. Jason Garcia

    Highly recommend.

  67. Rachel Wilson

    They are providing wonderful services overall.

  68. Chloe Turner

    Immersed in comfort and joy, the Van Gogh style canvas print of my Fuzzy, is a true masterpiece that adorns my home with pride. Its vibrant colors and intricate details never fail to captivate.

  69. Umar

    The canvas print of my kitty is a wonderful addition to our home. The clarity and detail are amazing, and the framing is top-notch.

  70. Sophia Carter

    Love the styles they recommended, it’s stunning.

  71. Michael Williams

    The prints make for fantastic gifts as well. I ordered one for my sister’s birthday, featuring her cat, in custom style, and she absolutely loved it.

  72. Lauren S

    Easy ordering.

  73. Matthew

    Top-notch prints, I love the style my daughter chose, the effect was quite unexpected!Definately will order more from them!

  74. Isabella Thompson

    They even provided a set of framing tools, including nails, pencil, a ruler, and even a level, which makes it easy to fix. Very thoughtful of them.

  75. Rebecca St

    Exceptional craftsmanship. Highly recommend!

  76. Ajay

    The canvas prints of my fur babies exceeded my expectations, and Hazel’s assistance exceeded them even more. Patient, helpful, and truly dedicated to ensuring a perfect result.

  77. Jessica Clark

    They used their expertise to turn the low-resolution photo of my horse Spirit, into a stunning, lifelike portrait, capturing every detail with precision.

  78. Nicholas

    Worth every penny.

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