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(33 customer reviews)

People with Pet Oil Painting

100% Hand-painted, Portrait Oil Painting, From Photo to Artwork, a Perfect Gift for Your Beloved Ones (For You, your family, friends, furry friends… etc), Home Decor.

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About Oil Painting  ( People with Pet )

Our oil paintings are 100% hand-painted by professional artists with at least 20 years of experience who truly love art. Let us know your customization ideas, such as changing the background, rearranging the figures or animal images, altering postures, and so on…and our artists will make appropriate and professional adjustments to the composition,  we will make sure that each piece of painting is UNIQUE especially for you.

We use premium quality linen canvas and oil paints to create an artwork, and we offer different frame options to perfectly complement your home decor. By simply sending us a photo, and you will get a masterpiece that  preserves memories and love for decades!

Each artwork is made-to-order. We do our best to make sure that each custom oil painting is special just for you or your beloved! Your order will be completed within 4-8 wks after photo confirmation, with delivery to your home taking 5-9 working days thereafter.

Thank you for choosing us to create a beautiful masterpiece; you & your beloved ones truly deserve it!

Note: During the painting process, we may take videos or photos for promotional purposes on social media. Please let us know if you do not wish us to do so. Additionally, if you want us to capture videos or photos during the creating process, please inform us.

33 reviews for People with Pet Oil Painting
  1. Chelsea

    Oil painting of a lady and a dog
    The oil painting of my furry friend and me is simply amazing. The artist captured our bond perfectly. Thank you for your hardwork!

  2. Marco

    Our family portrait with our dogs is stunning. The attention to detail and the love put into the painting are evident. We all love this hand-painted artwork so much! Highly recommended!

  3. Jessica F

    The oil painting of our family is nothing short of amazing. The artist did a fantastic job, and the level of detail is extraordinary. Thank you for this priceless masterpiece!

  4. Cecelia

    Thank you for such a beautiful piece of art! The oil painting of me and my pet in Hawaii is breathtaking. It brings back so many wonderful memories. Thanks again for the amazing work done!

  5. Pieter

    They haven’t finished my oil painting yet, but seeing this work in progress has already amazed me. It perfectly captures the expression of each portrait, exactly as I envisioned. I look forward to the final piece and it must be even more stunning, so all the waiting will be worth it.

  6. Callista K

    During the toughest times of my life, it was my Phoebe who accompanied and healed me. I can’t express my gratitude in words, so I customized this handmade oil painting, hoping she’ll always be by my side。

  7. Isadora Ravenscroft

    Every time I look at the oil painting of me and my Teddy, I feel like she’s still alive, It really comforts me and was totally worth it!

  8. Veridian Frost

    This painting is simply stunning! The details are so lifelike, every stroke is brimming with vitality, it’s like a vivid photograph come to life. Highly recommend it to anyone with such ideas!

  9. Arianwen Whitaker

    The seller is very considerate, providing excellent customer service and ensuring that every detail of the oil painting exceeded my expectations.

  10. Cassiopeia

    I felt a wave of comfort and nostalgia wash over me—it’s a gift I’ll forever hold dear. I highly recommend this touching gesture to anyone seeking solace or a heartfelt tribute.

  11. Elestren Trueheart

    My grandma, who’s getting up there in age and struggles with her hearing, but still has sharp eyesight, was utterly amazed when she opened it. She found the oil painting unbelievably lifelike—her wrinkles were so distinct, and her cat looked alive.

  12. Lockhart

    I never thought I’d customize a portrait painting online, but the outcome pleasantly surprised me instead of disappointing. It perfectly met all my requests. They are experts in hand-painted oil paintings.

  13. Tamsin

    Such a wonderful online shopping experience! I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

  14. Vesper W

    From the moment I laid eyes on Olive, I knew she would be a member of our family. Now, our Olive is sick, very sick. Despite that, I still hope she gets better soon! Hang in there, my love!

  15. Whitaker

    The oil painting arrived, and I was speechless—the attention to detail brought my pug back to life on canvas. I urge everyone to consider this heartfelt gift.

  16. Cassia

    This oil painting holds so much sentimental value. It’s based on a photo taken on our wedding day, with my husband and me holding our 2 golden retrievers. I met my husband solely because of these 2 lovely furry babies!

  17. Thalassa Silverman

    This custom service is amazing. I had our two beagles and kids painted together on a canvas. They’re being held by the kids, and this heartwarming scene is captured in an oil painting. We will cherish it forever.

  18. Nerissa

    The oil painting is a treasure I’ll cherish forever. Highly recommend!

  19. Nightingale

    How I wish my furry friend could still be with me, but its life ended 3 months ago. When I saw this custom oil painting store, I immediately decided to have a painting of me and my furry friend made. The artist captured its last photo and painted it alongside me. When I received the painting, I couldn’t help but cry. I really miss him!

  20. Cressida

    I’ve decided to commission an oil painting of us while my kitten is still alive, thanking her for her companionship and comfort all the time. I’ll cherish the rest of her days with her.

  21. Fairchild

    The portrait of our family and our furry friend has become a highlight in our new home. GREAT!

  22. Montague

    Since our daughter was born, her best companion has been our Samoyed, Rosie. They grew up together since childhood. I decided to customize an oil painting for her birthday, and upon receiving the oil painting, my daughter was thrilled, saying it’s the best birthday present she’s ever received.

  23. Amalthea

    I originally commissioned an oil painting of me and my labrador sitting on the couch together, but when I received the preview, the artist had included half of the head of my kitten Molly making a goofy face peeking out from behind the curtains. The explanation I got from them was that my Molly was too cute and mischievous to resist, so the artist couldn’t help but include Molly as well. It’s so funny! And i must say, the painter is very caring.

  24. Kingsley

    My father was moved to tears, his shepherd seemed to come back to life and still being together with him. I’m glad he liked the oil painting I customized for him. Love you forever, my dearest dad!

  25. Saffron Whitmore

    Totally a masterpiece that you just can’t help but keep looking at it.

  26. Elara Davenport

    The whole process took more than a month, and from the progress photos they provided, it was evident that the oil painting was hand-drawn stroke by stroke by the artist. They really put their heart into this. Thank you!

  27. Isabeau Rousseau

    Every friend who comes to my house asks me how this oil painting was made?, and I feel so proud, very pleased to recommend this company to them.

  28. Beaumont

    I just knew my grandpa would love this surprise gift; it’s been nearly 5 years since he parted ways with his horse. The service and quality from this company are worth every penny. Thank you.

  29. Yara Calloway

    Since my mom’s golden retriever passed away, she had been feeling down for a long time. It wasn’t until I came across this custom oil painting service that I decided to have a portrait made of her and her golden retriever. When she received it, she was incredibly moved and hung the painting in the most prominent spot in the living room, as if he had never left her side. I hope my dearest mom stays happy forever.

  30. Thais

    Their service is incredibly thoughtful, from start to finish they patiently communicated with me to fulfill all my customization ideas. Every detail was considered, and even the framing tools were comprehensive, including nails, pencils, rulers, a level, and gloves, with hooks on the frame for hanging.

  31. Anouk Delacroix

    I customized this oil painting for my mom as a Christmas gift, and she was pleasantly surprised when receiving it. Dad told me she’s been staring at the painting of her and her fur baby lately. It’s hilarious!

  32. Sinclair

    It’s been a seamless purchasing experience; I highly recommend them to everyone.

  33. Ondine Hawthorne

    Before shipping, they showed me the final preview to ensure my satisfaction. The paint on the canvas wasn’t completely dry yet. After waiting for a few days, they provided me with the tracking number. Thank you for your great service.

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